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A New Edition of Martin Chemnitz' 'A Substantial And Godly Exposition of The Prayer Commonly Called The Lord's Prayer'

School: Concordia Theological Seminary
Author: WILLIAMS, D. Georg     S.T.M. 1982
Pages: 126
TREN Id: 079-0043
Dewey #: 226.96

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Catholicity Or Consensus? The Role Of The Consensus Patrum And The Vincentian Canon In Lutheran Orthodoxy: From Chemnitz To Quenstedt

School: Concordia Seminary
Author: STEWART, Quentin     PH.D. 2006
Pages: 344
TREN Id: 020-0235
OCLC #: 302421502    (Librarians, need MARC records?)
Dewey #: 230.41

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Feast and Yeast: A Study of Two Categories of Eucharistic Motifs of The Early Church Later Recovered By Luther and Chemnitz

School: Concordia Seminary
Author: GROTH, David K.     S.T.M. 1998
Pages: 120
TREN Id: 020-0182
Dewey #: 265.3

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Paper, $18.00

Luther, Melanchthon, and Chemnitz: The Doctrine of The Atonement With Special Reference To Gustaf Aulen's Christus Victor

School: Westminster Theological Seminary
Author: AUBERT, Annette G.     Th.M. 2002
Pages: 152
TREN Id: 036-0309
OCLC #: 63916718    (Librarians, need MARC records?)
Dewey #: 232.3

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Scripture And Tradition At The Council Of Trent: Martin Chemnitz Against The Romanists

School: Concordia Seminary
Author: BALZER, Douglas     S.T.M. 1978
Pages: 129
TREN Id: 020-0302
OCLC #: 847421352    (Librarians, need MARC records?)

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The Bestowal Of The Benefits Of The Real Presence The Early Eucharistic Worksof Martin Chemnitz As A Contribution Toward The Formula Of Concord Article 7

School: Concordia Seminary
Author: Hoaas, Brynjulf     TH.D. 1990
Pages: 318
TREN Id: 020-0070

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