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A Survey Of Representative Sermonic Approaches In Preaching The Doctrines Of Divine Love And Divine Wrath

School: Western Evangelical Seminary
Author: Swaren, Roger B.     B.D. 1952
Pages: 109
TREN Id: 005-0115

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Preaching-Sermonic Approaches


Chesed, God's Unconditional Love And The Resulting Responsibilities Of Man

School: Western Seminary (Portland, Oregon)
Author: Wahl, Loren O.     TH.M. 1970
Pages: 82
TREN Id: 002-0067
OCLC #: 60518998    (Librarians, need MARC records?)
Dewey #: 231.6

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Hebrew Language-Terms-Chesed

Love (Theology)

The Compatability Of Hell And God's Love

School: Dallas Theological Seminary
Author: Smart, William J.     TH.M. 1984
Pages: 98
TREN Id: 001-0315
Dewey #: 231.8

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Punishment, Eternal

The Johannine Conception Of God's Love For The Believer

School: Western Seminary (Portland, Oregon)
Author: Cheng, Linda L.     M.A. 1989
Pages: 70
TREN Id: 002-0491
Dewey #: 231.6C518

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Johannine Literature

Love (Theology)-Biblical Teaching

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